Filtry estate

Filtry estate was designed with keeping in mind, that life has to be simple. Project was designed by the Ingarden & Ewý as combination of modernity and minimalism. 

Filtry estate is located near the Młynówka Królewska, just 16 minutes from the Main Square. Estate is combined with three buildings of five floors, with underground parking and very functional living space. 

All flats are using inteligent home system, that alow to control the temperature or lighting. It is all managed by single app. Indoor gym and bicycle garage, or anti-smog window filters, are just a part of all conveniences. 

Welcome to Filtry.

Osiedle Fi

Osiedle Fi is the space created for those who appreciate the closeness of the city centre, combined with quietness that gives the possibility to rest after a busy day. Estate, has a highly developed recreational space in the form of a basketball, badminton, volleyball courts and table tennis.

Buildings with a simple, white façade interspersed with windows of frames finished in graphite and warm shades of gray create a strong contrast. Dynamic shape, gives the estate a lot of prestige and elegance . Copper panels used to finish the top floor are characteristic point which fits the atmosphere of Krakow.

Osiedle Fi is designed with use of numerous solutions in order to minimize the cost of housing maintenance. Wals with bold layer of insulation provide at least seven times higher thermal insulation than the normative one.

Energy efficient windows not only light up the interior, but also retain the high performance insulation. Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity and thus illuminate the estate in an economical and environmental friendly way.

Our project was awarded in a national competition organised by Estate of the Year 2015 award proves that the idea of sustainable housing project and application of modern environmental friendly solutions are appreciated by our customers.

Kapelanka Apartments

Kapelanka 6a is an extremely exclusive estate designed to meet the requirements and real needs of residents of the city and area.

Location combines the advantages of proximity of Wawel Castle and the Main Square with Zakrzówek and the Vistula Boulevards.

The high end finish gives residents a sense of elegance and luxury thanks to wooden windows, secured door, quiet elevators, video intercom and monitored estate area.

The whole building composes with its surrounding thanks to the façade finished with natural stone.

Indicator of customer loyalty the NPS obtained in survey among customers of Kapelanka 6a proved that 92% of them would recommend an apartment to their friends and family.


Osiedle OZON is an estate for those people who appreciate modernity and active lifestyle. During the design phase, we focused not only on technical parameters but also on the future interpersonal relations of estate inhabitants. We based our philosophy on three values that are essential foundations of the project: RELATIONS, MOTION, DEVELOPMENT

We have created a special space to allow citizens create and maintain relations in family, social and neighbors life.

We took into account the needs of those who are interested in sports lifestyle, That’s why we decided to choose a location with lots of green surrounding in order to give to the citizens enough space for sports activity.

Living part of the estate was designed in a very innovative way. That’s how we managed to achieve the highest number of rooms by the effective use of whole available space.

New investment coming soon



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